Brash Coffee (ATL, GA)

Brash Coffee: ATL, GA (West Midtown Location)

This past November I found myself in the peach state. I hopped off a plane at ATL airport with a dream and my cardigan. JK. More like a camera bag and a coffee deprived soul after a flight at the butt crack of dawn. An engagement shoot in the mountains brought me there, but I had a whole day to myself in the city before the shoot. The shop of choice was a little box coffee shop in West Midtown called Brash Coffee. It was this little box shop, small but so quaint and warm, tiny but coffee so mighty. I ordered a fruit pastry and an oat milk cortado. Everything about this cozy shop made my heart dance. Or, that could’ve just been the caffeine. The aesthetic of the place, the baristas, my 4 ounces of utter perfection in the form of a cortado—so so lovely. 10/10 recommend posting out here if you are in the area.