Spring with my love.
We are quickly approaching our 2nd wedding anniversary (June 5th EEEK) & I find myself soaking up this man more each day. I am truly flabbergasted at the mere fact we have been married for almost 730 days. He brightens cloudy days with his radiant personality, makes my heart swell with more love for him each day, and is my best friend. I have personally been in a season of God refining my faith; God wants to be the Captain of my soul & I have to ask myself each day if I am letting him. With this season of refinement still comes a lot of joy. Nick took me to a colorful, lil greenhouse where we snapped photos of each other & made the flowers model. That night we watched The Greatest Showman (it was my 2nd & his first time) and choreographed our own lame dances to the soundtrack to perform for our cat, Chaco. Thankful for the life we share with one another & for my best friend.