Thank you for stopping by, I am STOKED you are here! Hi hello let me introduce myself, I’m Phoenix Ouellette, the soul behind Crimson Seas Photography. Intimate elopements + coffee photography make my heart thump... like a lot, guys. I am currently based out of Indianapolis, IN but have moved 11 times in my 24 years here on earth. Because of this, a passion has been instilled in me for traveling and seeing the world for how beautiful it really is. You can probably find me binging Netflix with my cat watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, singing sentences (or Beyoncé), wearing Chacos to ‘non Chaco events’ (like my wedding rehearsal), venturing into coffee shops, or snuggling my new hubby as of June 2016. I am a huge lover of Jesus & wholeheartedly believe that he wired me to capture all the beautiful things this big ole’ world holds with my camera in hand… for his g l o r y. The moments where you think no one is looking, those literal LOL moments that make your eyes water, the wildness, the raw & honest intimacy between two humans, maybe even you dancing when Sicko Mode comes on; these are the things I deeply want to preserve. What a joy it is to be present in some of the most valuable and cherished moments in the lives around me by simply living the dream of storytelling through the sweet sweet recipe of fine art photography, intentionality, and creativity.

Travel inquiries welcomed and highly encouraged.

Now, let’s set up some adventures.

Ps: let’s connect on social media! @crimsonseasphoto + @phoenixouellette

My work has been featured on: Unconventional Photographer, Doc Your Journey, Tribe Archipelago, SoulScripts, and in Jordan Dooley’s book (Purpose).

My Mission

Isaiah 1:18 says:

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

These words are what I based Crimson Seas Photography off of. These words of truth, that Jesus tells us that in the midst of our brokenness & imperfections God makes us pure. Blameless. Untouched & not tarnished by our sin, but rather redefined by Christ Jesus himself. This is exactly what I want to exalt through my photography; I want to capture the beautiful humans I come in contact with and & their stories. I want to affirm people that they are defined by something bigger than the world tells them. I want to know people deeply & preserve some of the greatest moments, intimate reactions, & chapters of their lives through the images that I take. I find joy in the beauty behind the name of my photography business & I am so honored to share it with the world.

If you are in the midst of deciding if we are a good fit, know this about me: my photography craves rawness, emotion, depth, & an open invitation to know who you really are. I don’t just want to take photos & call it quits. I truly want to get to know my clients & make some new friends in the process. I want to capture the uniqueness & beauty that stirs within each human.

Please reach out if you think we would make a bomb fit for each other or if you have any questions. Or, we could also collab and grab coffee. 

xoxo, Phoenix (Gossip Girl)