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I want you to be yourself with me, so don’t be afraid to tell me who you are, what you are looking for, or about your special someone! My goal is to preserve the most timeless moments of your life for the rest of your days through my imagery. Be prepared to get a lil weird, get a little PDA, & ready to talk a lot because friend, I wanna know your heart + life. I want us to be adventure buddies, & most importantly to give you your dream photos. The kind you dream about when you are 5 years old and playing around in your mom’s wedding dress, the kind you want to hang up all over the walls in your crib, & the kind that make you feel like they should be on the next cover of Vogue. Every time you look at your photos I want them to bring you back to that moment.

So, friend. If you think we’d make a great fit please fill out the questionnaire boxes and let’s make some magic!

Or, email me directly: crimsonseasphoto@gmail.com

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